Podcast episode # 12: Monday Motorbikes

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Monday Motorbikes

Today we’re interviewing Nathan Jauvtis (chief scientist and founder) and Michael Giuliano (Chief Operating Officer) of Monday Motorbikes. This independent, Brisbane-based company is dedicated to design, manufacture and the sale of electric motorbikes. These electric mopeds are meant to solve mobility issues. They have in mind a world with overgrown and collapsed cities. Also, they would help reduce the per capita carbon print. Last but not least, they’re easy to ride, look great. and do not require a special license, nor a registration.

In 2010, someone asked Nathan Jauvtis a question ignited his passion for two wheels. The question was, “what would it take to make an electric moped?”. As a result, Nathan, Michael, and CEO Josh Rasmussen joined their efforts to find an appropriate answer to that question.

Currently, their flagship model is the stylish M1. Its design drew inspiration from the classic 1978 moped Puch Magnum. The M1 combines a retro feel with contemporary features. It meets California’s electric bike regulations (20 mph) and has a range of 35 miles. furthermore, it features a so-called ‘sport’  that allows speeds up to 40 mph. This mode gives the bike enough thrust to climb, for example, the challenging hills of the San Francisco area.

MM is now embarked on its international expansion. They aim to explore and conquer markets such as China, India, Europe and Africa.

MM is just another example of the industrious and innovative mentality of this small but vibrant city named Brisbane.






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