Podcast episode #10: Dolores Gomez

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Dolores Gomez

Dolores Gomez, Brisbane’s librarian for 27 years, has had an intense contact with local history. As a long-time resident, she experienced a good portion of Brisbane’s history first hand. As the librarian, she had crucial documental access. These two facts provided the necessary background to undertake the project of a book on Brisbane history.

Together with fellow Brisbane librarian Christy Thilmany and historian Dorothy Radoff, they assembled photographs from the Brisbane Library Historical Collection in the 1970s, plus images and memorabilia from other private collections in the area. This work, published in 2009 and titled “Brisbane” was issued by Arcadia Publishing as part of the collection “Images of America.” It shows Brisbane’s history from its original planning through the present.

Today we have the exciting privilege to ask her, a long-time resident, many questions about Brisbane’s past and “the way we were.” Dolores takes us on an enjoyable mental “promenade” through a Visitacion Avenue in the 1940s and 1950s. It’s no surprise that most buildings (with some notable exceptions) are now long gone and that Brisbane changed dramatically in the last decades. She initially moved from the Mission district in San Francisco to Brisbane at the age of 10, right after the end of Second World War.

The book:



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