Podcast episode #05: Tom Seawell

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Award-winning commercial advertising photographer and filmmaker Tom Seawell and I have a chat. He has over 20 years of industry experience. After graduating from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara in 1990, Tom returned to his native Bay Area. It is from Brisbane California that he has developed most of his successful career. He’s been recently nominated to an Emmy and he’ll discuss all his background and projects with us.

Tom interviewed me for episode #1 and I hope to be able to be as good as he is someday. I am proud to call him a friend!


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Hello and welcome to ‘Coffee to Close’, a podcast where we talk to interesting people with passions and pursuits, in and around Brisbane, California, that beautiful, yet rowdy, fiercely independent town on the border of San Francisco. Our hope is that you will be inspired, and in the process, we will raise some money for our local non-profits. Sit back and enjoy. For a more detailed introduction check out episode #1 HERE.

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