Podcast episode #01: Ron Davis

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Ron Davis


Tom Seawell interviews our host, Ron Davis. They will discuss Ron’s life and his relationship with the Brisbane community, as well as his projects, and the purpose and inspiration for making this podcast.

Ron Davis was born and raised in San Francisco and knows the region very well and everything its cities have to offer. He resided in Brisbane for many years now and is an active community member and leader. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce and was recognized as the Brisbane “Citizen of the Year” in 1998. Most recently in 2008, Ron received the Lions Club International Melvin Jones Humanitarian Award for his contributions to the community.

Ron loves to scuba dive and travel, play drums as well as make wine with his wife.

Inspired by many great podcasters, Ron decided to start his show, ‘Coffee to Close’ will also work as a fundraiser for Brisbane’s local charities and non-profits.


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Tel: 415-805-9028

Email: [email protected]

About Coffee to Close

Welcome to ‘Coffee to Close,’ a podcast where we talk to interesting people with passions and pursuits, in and around Brisbane, California, that beautiful, yet rowdy, fiercely independent town on the border of San Francisco. We hope that you will be inspired, and in the process, we will raise some money for our local non-profits. Sit back and enjoy.

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